Airbrushed Angels

Small Beginnings


I have always searched for the latest and greatest when it comes to the beauty industry. In my research I realized that I was seeing more and more "Airbrushed" faces. It is a popular method of make-up for High Definition television and movies. When you see an infomercial for one it looks unbelievable.  I needed to see it and try it myself, I wasn't going to make a change without taking it for a test ride! The first thing I learned is they are hard to find and even harder to find someone who is educated in the method.

Once I got my hands on one and saw the difference I was beaming!  Under eye circles, gone - red broken blood vessels, disappeared - age spots, gone, oily nose and forehead - not anymore.  My skin felt as though I were wearing no make-up, but it was beaming a flawless look that I had been craving!  The eye shadows and liners were of particular interest, all of the products are water based so I was worried.  I have a T-Zone that includes my eyelids!  Well, it stayed put as advertised all day, didn't budge or smudge and I wear contacts!! Soon I realized that there was a need for more LOCAL access, to really show people what this baby can do.  I would love the opportunity to share this new approach with you and let you kick the tires so to speak!